About us


Design and manufacture of commercial furniture, POS and interior design



Leader in commercial furniture manufacturing since 1998

At Ártica Shopfitting we are dedicated to the design and manufacture of commercial furniture, POS and interior design. We take your marketing campaign to the next level thanks to an optimized design and top quality finishes.
Thanks to the team of professionals specialized in furniture design that makes up our technical office, we can carry out consulting work, accompanying our clients throughout the furniture design and manufacturing process so that the final result satisfies the required needs.

ISO 9001, 14001 and FSC certifications

They guarantee our commitment to sustainability and quality.


Custom interiors

As specialists in high-quality commercial spaces, we not only support you in the field of store equipment, but also in the design phase of innovative solutions in all stores. From special store fit-out solutions for the travel retail and local market to furniture interior design for hotels or offices.
With more than 25 years of experience in the retail market, we successfully complete each project according to your wishes. We combine traditional craftsmanship with the most technological resources.


World brands

After more than 25 years working in this field, brands from all over the world know us. From small projects to bulk production projects, we find the perfect solution for everything related to your project by adding our knowledge and experience to ensure success. Renowned agencies around the world constantly demand our services to take their projects to the next level.
For us there are no barriers, we know the most complicated and demanding airports and locations.


Corporate Social Responsibility

At Artica Shopfitting we work according to the highest CSR standards and we link it to ethical standards with full conviction. Starting with our own employee culture, where we maintain flat hierarchies, employee benefits, and friendly and open interaction with each other. We also ensure that not only our production, but also our partners and suppliers ensure responsible and ethically correct working conditions. This includes prohibitions on child and forced labor, discrimination of any kind, illegal work, and all other factors that hinder mutual understanding.


Since the company was founded in 1998, we have developed a collaboration with our own employees so that they are part of the company. This means that we do not strive to attract and retain talent, but rather we make the talent come to us.

Tradition and Quality

We are open-minded artisans, who lead us to face challenges with enthusiasm and ambition. Our team is always willing to go further and push boundaries.

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